Detroit: Become Human is coming to PC December 12

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Detroit: Become Human arrives on PC. Soon. Cue the cheers.

Okay, that sounded sarcastic, but Detroit: Become Human is really good. It’s Quantic Dream’s fifth game and, in my opinion, their best. Quantic Dream is synonymous with great cinematic gaming experiences. They produced Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls in 2010 and 2013, respectively. They arguably paved the way for Telltale’s initial success, with Heavy Rain’s gameplay evidently similar. Detroit: Become Human follows suit with this winning blend of exploration and action-time events.

” Detroit: Become Human is an incredible story experience that everyone should have the opportunity to play through. “

What is Detroit: Become Human?

Detroit: Become Human follows the intertwining story of three androids in the Detroit of the future. It focuses primarily on themes of free will and the impact of artificial intelligence on the world. What makes this version of Detroit believable is the stark contrast between the city center and the suburbs around it. The city center is full of skyscrapers, neon lights and all the future technology you could think of. The suburbs, however, find themselves pulled from today’s world. They’re run-down, somewhat overgrown, and appear wholly out of place in comparison. 

The only thing that differentiates an android from a human in Detroit: Become Human is a small circle on the temple

Who is Detroit: Become Human about?

The three android protagonists all present players with exciting and complex characters to dive into (and hopefully keep alive). Markus is essentially a Personal Assistant. However, through his story, he overcomes his programming and devotes his life to fight for the autonomy for all androids. As a “deviant”, Markus’ story forces players to consider what it means to have freedom and decide whether artificial intelligence is deserving of such. Markus’ rebirth throughout the early stages of his story is symbolic of this development of free will. Doesn’t all intelligent life, artificial or not, deserve to be free?

Jesse Williams plays the revolutionary Markus

The second protagonist is Kara. She is initially in a similar role to Markus in that she is a housekeeper and assistant. After witnessing domestic abuse against a small child, Kara chooses to help the girl and becomes a deviant android herself. This storyline highlights the situation of many domestic abuse victims, albeit translated into Detroit: Become Human’s world. It forces players to acknowledge the presence of it.

Valorie Curry reprises her role as Kara from Quantic Dream’s tech demo in 2012

The third protagonist, and perhaps the one people recognize from most various meme trends, is Connor. Connor aids Clancy Brown’s Hank Anderson in a police investigation into the breakout of deviant androids. Throughout Connor’s story, players must decide whether to submit to deviant tendencies or continue fighting them and stick to Connor’s programming. It’s arguably the most interesting of the three plotlines, as I felt it gave me much more power over the fate of the protagonist. The decisions were much more drastic and encapsulated all of Detroit: Become Human’s overriding themes. 

Bryan Dechart portrays the conflicted Connor

Why is it worth it?

Detroit: Become Human releases via the Epic Games Store on December 12. It’s about a year and a half after the game’s 2018 release and a little while since the announcement that it was indeed coming to PC. It supports 4K visuals and can run up to 60fps. There will also be a demo to play if this hasn’t convinced you. But if I can offer a final opinion on the matter… 

Detroit: Become Human is an incredible story experience that everyone should have the opportunity to play through. Due to the nature of its branching conversations, there are multiple endings and multiple conversations that can only be reached by replaying the experience. Each of these is worth the playthrough, even if you go against what you would normally do. The game will undoubtedly be worth the trouble of playing it again on PC for the upgraded visuals, which were already great on the PS4. 

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