Dignitas Picks Up Dardoch From Team SoloMid

Dignitas has announced the pickup of the former Team SoloMid Jungler, Dardoch. This news comes after the recent controversy where TSM Leena revealed that the organization was looking to get rid of the player on Doublelift’s Twitch stream. Now he will take his talents to Dignitas as the 11th member of the roster.

According to Leena, in the leak, nobody in the LCS was looking to trade for the jungler, which leads us to believe that TSM management figured he was a problem with the team’s success. Dardoch’s trade is another move in the recent trades and player movements that TSM has been making. The first was Doublelift’s trade to the team. The second: Kobbe being sent off to Misfits Gaming in the LEC. Their latest move is the trading away of Dardoch to DIG.

Dignitas will now add another member of their already large roster. Currently Dardoch is the third jungler for Dignitas, which signals another player being traded away. It is possible that he will replace both Grig and Akaadian. With three players for one role, somebody will be left out. The only question for now is who will be dropped and who will make the cut.

Looking to the Summer Split

The move to DIG isn’t a major downgrade for Dardoch. Dignitas had the same amount of wins as TSM for the Spring Split. What is necessary for an upgrade is the jungler’s performance in the rift. If Dardoch can help Dignitas push higher in the League, this may be one of DIG’s best moves for the Summer. But now it also begs the question of who will take his place on TSM. Now that the squad is out of junglers, they are going to need to pick up a new one and quick. The Summer Split starts in two weeks, and TSM will have to act fast if they want to pick up and integrate a new player for their team. Hopefully Leena will leak another roster change soon so we can have more insight into the trades.

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