Fortnite 11.50 Update Leaks & Cosmetics

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Today we are getting the Fortnite 11.50 Update. This is apparently the update that will see the new Chaos Physics Engine implemented, but we won’t know until the update is finished. What we do know is that there are a lot of leaks and new cosmetics that have been revealed. As always, credit to leakers such as Lucas7Yoshi, HypeX & ShiinaBR for leaking these.


There aren’t too many leaked cosmetics today. There are some related to the new Search and Destroy LTM, the new Harley Quinn skin and I assume some are related to Valentines Day. The highlight is, of course, the Harley Quinn skin, which has been long rumored to be coming to the game, and according to leakers, it will be coming tomorrow. There will also be challenges for the Harley Quinn skin to unlock the second style.

Search and Destroy LTM

Files have been added for a new Search and Destroy LTM titled “Love and War”. Search and Destroy is a bomb diffuse mode that has been popular in many other shooter games over the years. This will likely be a creative LTM much like Zone Wars and the D Day landing LTM. There are also challenges related to these you can check out below;

Launch Pads Have Returned

Since the start of Chapter 2, players have complained about the lack of mobility in the game. Now, after almost 4 months, Epic have given us some mobility back in the form of the Launch Pads. Launch Pads have been part of Fortnite since almost the very beginning, and its so good to see them back in the game now.

Chaos Engine

The new Chaos Engine is meant to be implemented today. It is unclear what this will do at the moment, but I’m sure we will discover more as the day progresses and players are able to log on and check it out.

Overall, there wasn’t much added to this patch, but I imagine the new engine was the main focus. But what we did get was great; the Harley Quinn skin looks great, the new LTM should be good and Launch Pads are back. A very good patch in my opinion.

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