Greatest Moments in Esports History

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While esports is relatively new, there is no shortage of great moments that got fans on their feet. From the early FPS days of Quake to today, the pros and underdogs have shown us that esports is something to get excited about. Here are just a few esports moments that highlight the incredible talent in professional gaming.

KennyS 4K Clutch

  • Counter Strike: Global OffensiveKennyS

To virtually any Counter Strike fan, KennyS is a name not easily forgotten. The French AWP legend has had his fair share of insane moments throughout his years on the professional scene. One of the most memorable is this terrific 4v1 versus LG at the Dreamhack Open 2015. The caster’s reaction really says it all.

Fatal1ty’s Insane Quake Comeback

  • Quake – Fatal1ty

Esports does go back quite a few years, and while the graphics may not have been great back then, there were certainly some exciting moments. At QuakeCon 2002, Quake legend Fatal1ty has been steamrolled by Aim and was losing 8-0. What happened next? You guessed it, an incredible comeback that marks one of the greatest early esports victories.

Axe’s Four-Stock Blitz

  • Super Smash Bros Melee – Axe

Certainly one of the most legendary moments in Super Smash Bros history is Axe’s incredible match at EVO 2014. In this match, Axe, playing Pikachu, faces off against fellow legend Silent Wolf, playing as Fox. In less than 60 seconds, he manages to 4-stock Silent Fox while only taking minimal damage. Axe’s prowess is certainly evident in this efficient slaughter.

First Female Hearthstone Grand Master

  • Hearthstone – VKLioon

Only a few days ago, Xiaomeng “VKLiooon” Li made history as the first female Hearthstone Grand Master. Women have long had difficulty being accepted and taken seriously by the gaming community, and VKLioon’s success paves the way for more female talent in esports. In the finals, she dominated her opponent in a clean 3-0 victory.

EG’s Six Million Dollar Slam

  • DOTA 2 – Evil Geniuses

At the International Finals in 2015, Evil Geniuses (EG) pulled off a beautiful coordinated attack which paid off big time. After defeating one of EG’s players, CDEC decided to take on the dragon Roshan for gold and XP. Instead of waiting for their fifth member to respawn, EG saw this as an opportunity to catch their opponents off guard and all bunched together. In a symphony of perfectly-executed attacks boosted by a magic damage amplifier, EG manages to clear the area, defeat Roshan for themselves, and later secure the victory. The prize they won- $6 Million, led to this incredible feat being dubbed the “Six Million Dollar Slam”.

Single-Pixel Bionic Arm Comeback

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Combofiend

Think it’s all over when you’re at 1 HP? Think again. At the 2011 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Final Round Tournament, Combofiend was in a tight stop as his opponent Marn has beat him down to a single pixel of HP. He uses the Bionic Arm attack for a simply marvelous comeback that got fans out of their seats cheering him on. If we can learn anything from this incredible esports moment, it’s to never give up.

Faker’s Mirror Match

  • League of Legends – Faker

To any League of Legends fan, the name Faker is famous. The LoL master is widely regarded as one of the greatest talents to ever grace the esports stage. Early in his career at the OGN Summer Qualifiers 2013, he faced off against Ryu. Both players had picked Zed, leading to a mirror match that would show which player was dominant. Despite being only at 20% health, Faker manages to turn the game around with a series of masterful moves and perfect timing.

Stay tuned for more great esports moments and esports news.

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