Harley Quinn Skin Confirmed In Fortnite (Leaked Image)

by David
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It has been rumored for a while that Harley Quinn would be coming to Fortnite. Most expected it with the Batman event, but today we have official confirmation that the Harley Quinn skin will be coming to the game. There will also be challenges related to the skin which will unlock the 2nd style. Thanks to @Lucas7Yoshi for leaking these.

With the new 11.50 update (the reason for current downtime) the Harley Quinn skin was added to the game. With the release of the new movie, Birds Of Prey, this Friday, an event themed around Harley Quinn is expected to start any day now. In a recent blog post, Fortnite stated that players will be getting a two-week event to see us through to the start of Season 2 on February 20th. This means the event should be happening at the latest tomorrow, and hopefully it will be as good as the Batman event, because this season has been fairly lackluster apart from the Star Wars event in December.

Once you purchase the skin, there will be extra challenges to do to unlock the second style. They seem fairly easy and nothing that you won’t get with normal play anyway.

Credit: @Lucas7Yoshi

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