Hitmarker released infographic about esports jobs in 2019

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UK-based esports job platform Hitmarker has released an infographic detailing the growth of esports jobs. The infographic compares stats between 2018 and 2019, showing growth of opportunities in the industry.

Image Credit: Hitmarker

Overall, the number of jobs posted on the website during 2019 experienced a significant increase of 87.03%, locked in at 11.207 jobs offerings by year-end. The increase is mostly due to the 9,705 paid jobs posted, which accounts for 88.01% of all jobs. Unpaid jobs opportunities, surprisingly, are at roughly the same number as of 2018 which is around 1,300 jobs. This goes to show that esports companies are willing to pay people to do work for them instead of relying on just good will, even for the smallest of tasks.

The sole increase of paid jobs postings can also be associated with the levels of experience needed for these jobs. Over 71% of all jobs posted require at least 2 years of experience working in esports-related fields and a third of them require 5 years of experience and higher.

USA continues to be the land of opportunities for aspired esports workers. Jobs postings here account for over 56.36% of all jobs posted in 2019. UK, Germany and Canada are the next three on the list of countries with the most jobs opportunities. Another surprise reported in the graphic is the dramatic decline of remote work available. This could mean that companies are being more localized and regional focus or the level of work required is not suitable to be done online.

Twitch and Riot Games are the top two companies with number of jobs available. While most of the jobs posted by Twitch are related to data analytics, Riot Games offers a variety of position in both their business and technical operations. For more information, you can open the image in a new tab to see the full infographic.

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