GTA Online: All Playing Card Locations

by Jonjo
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Finding all the cards in GTA is one of the best achievements to nail for its rewards. With this handy slice of info, it need not be a grueling task. Have a read below, and in no time, you will be rolling up to The Diamond Casino and Resort or your new penthouse suit with your exclusive deck of cards and brand spanking new High Roller Outfit.

Looking good in red

GTA has more collectibles than 95% of the crowd at any given Comic Con, so if you would like to get your hands on these exclusive little digital goodies, you are going to need to spend some time touring the map. You can do this in either online or solo play. Have a look at my last GTA article on modding in GTA, then get yourself a nice whip, put the sunset on with Sky Hook 5, and rip around these 54 locations collecting the cards in style. I mean, if you’re looking to find all the cards in GTA, you may as well do it in style, right?

Speaking of style, have a look; here is the latest in tartan fashion, the High Roller outfit!

Keep your eyes peeled

So what are we looking for here? Well, you will need to visit the 54 locations on the map below. As you hit up each spot, you will need to be picking up tiny little blue playing cards. That’s right; these are not obvious icons! These collectibles are scaled to a realistic size and just left on the side. Among all of the GTA collectibles (the action figures, for instance, which are much easier to spot on your travels) these are the smallest, making them inherently the hardest to spot!

Point me in the right direction

The map below will give you all of the necessary locations for all 54 cards. I am not one to serve up the answers on a silver platter, but I will say if you want an exact picture of every single card in its exact resting spot for your finding, Google has that, but this map will get you on the right track.

Thanks, dealer

On that note, if you have found my quick whip round of the 54 card locations helpful, be sure to check back with Gamezo for more helpful info soon, and for all that fresh content and news, be sure to follow us on twitter!

Dealer?… Deal me in for one more spin my good man…

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