Industries of Titan Preview – Making Light of Industrialism

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Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan is everything you want in a city builder but with an attitude rarely seen in the genre. The entire game is self-aware, funny, and a little bit too real. My 15 minutes with Industries of Titan at PAX were, frankly, not enough. However, that short time did give me a glimpse of what I hope will be a special experience for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

The Premise

The premise in Industries of Titan is pretty straight forward. You have to build out your city on a ravaged planet. You collect resources, build buildings that have different purposes, expand, and compete with rivals to dominate the planet. The twist is that this game is all about being the best industrialist you can be.

You are sent to Titan to set up shop for a company. Once on Titan, you have to set up an HQ amongst the ruins and under the watchful eye of the council. You are not the only company setting up industry on Titan, so be prepared for the power struggle to heat up quickly.

The main thing you need to know is that everything from this point on is tongue-in-cheek. There are constant jokes and commentary hidden in the mechanics of the game that make it an absolute blast to play.

Hands-on Time

Fifteen minutes is just frankly not enough time to wrap your head around a deep strategy game/city builder like Industries of Titan. Though it was a short window, I promise it was a quick hook. It helped to have the team from Brace Yourself Games there to really highlight the game mechanics.

When you first build your HQ, you don’t have much to do. To expand, you need to build up some resources. What Industries of Titan does here is push you down to a micro-level. You start by building out the inside of your HQ while scoping the ruins for resources.

Eventually, you can start to expand out, buy tiles, build warehouses, etc. All of these buildings have a similar micro-level of strategy that your HQ does.

As time went on, I focused on bringing people to Titan. These people had two fates. The first was to take a drug that forces them never to sleep and only work for me. This process would turn them into a worker and up my production, but I would have to pay their family a small amount of compensation every month. The second option is that they go inside a booth and watch ads all day to make me money. During the demo, I set up one of each.

As I said, the time allotted was not much for the depth of game that is here. I learned about trash disposal and how to use that to make rival industries’ people sick. I also learned that I could go to war with rivals, but only if I bought a war license from the overseeing council. There was also the option to do things against the rules where the council had no reach. Ultimately, I saw a lot of features but did not get to go as deep as I would have liked.


I hate to keep saying it, but I did not have a ton of time with Industries of Titan. What was there was amazing. All of the city building and strategy is what you would expect from a title like this. The humor was great as well. I mean, c’mon, did you read the bit about the workers? That’s a pretty hilarious caricature of modern industry.

The demo for Industries of Titan whets my appetite. I need to know what happens as my industry expands. How challenging is trash management, the last core mechanic I learned about before time was up?

I need to know what happens when I infringe on a rival. Will we fight for resources? I could be quick to war, but are some competitors quicker? There are too many possibilities, and I need to explore them.

Industries of Titan comes to Epic Store Early Access in 2020.

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