M10 eSports Signs Fortnite World Cup Duo Winner Nyhrox

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m10 signs nyhrox

After a six-month stint as a free agent, Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen signs with M10 eSports, an organization founded by professional football player Mesut Özil.

Getting his starting Fortnite Competitive in July 2018, Nyhrox initially played with the likes of BenjyFishy and MrSavageM before joining Cooler and teaming with fellow team member Aqua in March 2019. They went on to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in May 2019 and ended up winning the tournament in July 2019, taking home a prize of $1.5 million each.

Since then, Nyhrox has focused mainly on squad tournaments, playing with the likes of Kinstaar, itemm & Zino, but has largely flown under the radar in recent months. Now, 6 months after leaving Cooler, Nyhrox has finally signed to M10.

Recently, we have seen some new pro signings, including Mitr0 signing with Team Liquid. This is perhaps due to teams expecting the next Fortnite World Cup and next set of tournaments to take place. It seems orgs are now rushing to sign the top players to their teams.

What do you think about Nyhrox signing with M10? Let us know in the comments.

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