New Champion Sett: Abilities, Lore, and Release Date

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Riot Games has been slowly releasing new champions for League of Legends over the past few years. Now, for the end of 2019 and at the beginning of a new decade for the game, 3 new champions are being released. Senna and Aphelios have already hit live servers, while the new champion, Sett, recently came to the PBE.

Pictures of the new champion Sett in game model.

Sett’s Abilities

Sett: The Boss is a fighter and tank-tosser. His abilities include move speed, true damage, shields, CC, and damage scaling with the opponent’s bonus health. Check them out in the video or read them below:

New champion Sett passive.
New Champion Sett Q
New Champion Sett W
New Champion Sett E
New Champion Sett R

New Champion Sett Lore

Sett already has a biography on Universe. He originates from the Navori province of Ionia. Here is a summary of his biography:

Sett was born to a Vastayan mother and Noxian father. He and his family was rejected and hated by the Vastaya and disliked by humans. His father was a pitfighter that kept bullies away until the day his father vanished. With his father gone, Sett was bullied. After a while, Sett began answering ridicule with fists. In search of his father, Sett went to the pits that his father once fought at and discovered that his father had left for riches elsewhere. Sett ended up joining the pit as a fighter against his mother’s will. After earning money as a fighter and lying to his mother about its origins, Sett decided to take over the pit, which he did by force. Sett turned the pit into a full criminal underground with fighting, gambling, and vice. Now, he is one of the leaders of Ionia’s criminal underground.

Release Date

Sett will come out sometime during patch 10.1 which is set to release on January 8, 2020. Based on the League in-client timeline of daily news, he will release on January 14. His release skin is Mecha Kingdoms Sett, which is part of the new Mecha skin line and universe.

Mecha Kingdoms Sett Splash Art

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