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by Paul
Head Writer
Dan Tyrrell
I’m a lifelong techie and current technology leader. I started my career talking about games as a retail manager and never lost the ability to chat someone’s ear off about what’s going on in the industry. Though mostly focused on the advances in gaming hardware, a good World of Warcraft raid or sim racing session still gets my blood flowing.
Staff Writer
Zachary Whyte
I am 22 years old and I live in London, England. For one year, I worked for Fnatic, one of the largest Esport companies in the world, as a Video Editor/Social Media Contributor. I have an enormous passion for Esports. I strongly believe it is the future of entertainment! Recently I have taken to writing articles about Esports and Gaming in general.
Staff Writer
Jeanette Eicher
I have been playing video games ever since my hands were able to hold the rectangular NES controller. Mostly, I write about League of Legends since it is my favourite competitive video game, but I love video games as a whole. My favourite genres include management, simulation, and strategy. I live in the United States and I recently graduated from Western Washington University as an English Major and now I hope to work closely with the world of video games as a writer.
Staff Writer
Kyle Wilson
I like writing about video games and drinking tea, but the kettle’s boiling.
Staff Writer
Kalena Hermes
I’m a Californian getting my business masters degree in France. My favourite games are CS:GO, Dark Souls, and Assassins Creed. I studied modern languages in my undergraduate degree and have a passion for writing. My favourite CS:GO teams are Team Vitality and G2, and I look forward to bringing you esports and gaming news!
Staff Writer
Jonjo Chester
Hi, I reside in the sunny south coast of the UK and have been playing games since I could grab a controller. I am now a writer of everything esports. My goal is to create awesome articles full of facts for you to enjoy!
Leauge of Legends Writer
Zoran Papak
I’m 23 years old, and I’m from a beautiful sunny town on the Croatian coast called Šibenik. Since 2016, I’ve lived in Zagreb, where I study software engineering. As a kid, I didn’t play video games that much, as I preferred playing football or basketball outside with my friends. I even trained basketball for almost ten years. As I got older, I started playing video games more and more. I found out about League of Legends back in 2011. Shortly after, I started watching competitive League games. To this day, it has been my passion, and I am very excited to write about it.
Staff Writer
David Coulson
I have been gaming since 1993 and have never grown out of it. I love games such as Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon & Resident Evil and, more recently, Fortnite, so when I'm not shooting zombies, I'm dabbing on the corpses of my enemies. I am also a YouTuber under the name "Doodles Gaming" and also stream on Facebook. When not gaming, I am an avid guitar player, and I'm currently studying towards a Master's Degree in Songwriting. I also play in a band called Back To Square One, and we were featured on BBC Radio in 2017. I have always dreamt of working in the gaming or music industry and decided it's time to make dreams come true!

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