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If you were a PC gamer during the 90s then there’s a good chance you played the “Theme” series of games which included the likes of Theme Hospital and Theme Park. These games have always held a special place in my heart, so when I heard the concept was being brought back as Two Point Hospital, I was all for it. But has Two Point Hospital kept that nostalgia alive (hopefully better than its patients) or has it ruined the childhood memories of so many of us? Here is my review of Two Point Hospital.

What Is Two Point Hospital About?

Two Point Hospital is a hospital building simulator. You build your own hospital, create the layout, add the different rooms and machinery for procedures, hire the staff and generally just make sure it all runs smoothly. The game features many different hospitals, and as you progress, you unlock new items to treat new illnesses and diseases. Think of it like The Sims: Hospital Expansion.

So It’s Just A Theme Hospital Clone?

Well, yes, but that’s not a bad thing. Theme Hospital was a great game, and Two Point Hospital takes everything that made it great and gives it a modern coat of paint. Plus, its just as addictive as Theme Hospital was. It’s a great time-killer.

Once You’ve Built One, You’ve Built Them All

One downside is the repetitive nature of the game. Each Hospital requires you to essentially do the same things, many of them in the same order. Build a Reception and hire a Receptionist, build a GP’s Office, hire a Doctor, build a Pharmacy, so on and so forth. By about the 4th or 5th Hospital I built, my plan was to immediately take out the max loan that I can, build whatever I can afford to then turn the speed to max and basically let the game play out for 30 minutes, not paying attention to whether patients were treated or the reputation was good. This time would allow me to pay off my loan and start to build up some funds to buy my next set of rooms. It did get a little repetitive when this technique would work on every hospital. But this is a game that I tend to just turn on when I’m in the middle of something not very important and just half-play the game. It doesn’t require a lot of attention to play, which is good. As I mentioned before, its a good way to kill time.

Final Verdict

Don’t expect Two Point Hospital to reinvent the wheel, but what you will get is a solid game with huge replayability, if you’re OK with it being a tad repetitive. It is a hugely addictive time kill and before you know it, you could easily sink 40 or 50 hours into it and it will have felt like minutes. I would recommend this game if you’re looking for something fun, a game you don’t need to overthink.

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