Ultimate Guide To Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

by David
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally here after 4 long months of Season 1, and it’s clear to see where that time went. Epic has gone all out this season, and you can tell they had so much fun creating this, and a lot of passion went into making it. 

There is so much stuff to cover from the new Battle Pass, the Interactive Lobby, new Locations, the Henchmen, Ghost vs Shadow and so much more. 

Weapon Changes

As with every season, some weapons and items get vaulted and some get unvaulted, but there have been some quite surprising changes this season.


The Trap, Bolt Action Sniper and P90 SMG have been vaulted while the Minigun, C4, Suppressed Assault Rifle, Suppressed SMG, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Suppressed Pistol, Heavy Sniper Rifle, Grapplers, Drum Gun, Boom Bow and Tactical Assault Rifle have been unvaulted. The Minigun, Grapplers, Drum Gun & Boom Bow are all Mythic rarity and can only be found at one of the 5 new locations along with the new Mythic Heavy Assault Rifle, but we will discuss that more later on.

New Rapid Fire SMG

There is also a new Rapid Fire SMG that can fire 15 shots per second for 15 damage each. There are also creeping boxes which act like bushes and have that Metal Gear Solid vibe to them. There are also Decoy Grenades which allow you to create clones of yourself to fool your enemies. You can also now throw consumables and you can also drown, so yeah….that’s nice.

Map Changes

So the main thing we all care about with every new season is, what has changed on the map? Well, Epic has been working hard because there’s so much that is new on Chapter 2. There are now 5 new locations dotted around the map, 4 at each corner of the map and 1 in the centre of the map. 

The Agency

The first location is The Agency which is situated in the centre of the map. This is the HQ for The Agency and is a huge office type of building with a marble lobby and multiple offices throughout the building.

Guarding The Agency and all of the other new locations are Henchmen who will patrol around the locations fending off any intruders, such as you. Once they spot you, they will go into attack mode. Think of these as dumbed-down Storm Troopers from the Star Wars event in Season 1. Even though they are dumbed down, they still pack a punch, so its best to come prepared before you engage them. If you don’t want to fight them, though, you can disguise yourself in the phone box that is at each location. You can also use this to fool the ID Scan system which will let you into certain rooms. These locations are also where you will find the Mythic Items. Each location has its own boss NPC that you need to eliminate to get their Mythic item and also a keycard to unlock the vault which houses tons of loot for your troubles.

Each area has its own unique Mythic item and they are as follows;

  • The Agency has Midas’ Drum Gun
  • The Yacht has Meowscles Heavy Assault Rifle
  • The Grotto has Brutus’ Minigun
  • The Rig has TNTina’s Boom Bow
  • and finally, The Shark has Skye’s Scar Assault Rifle & Grappler

There is only one of each per match so grab these for some of the strongest load-outs in the game.

The Grotto

Next up we have The Grotto which is situated between Dirty Docks and Retail Row in the mountains and is a missile silo.

Enter through the helicopter pad or the cave on the side and you’ll find yourself in an underground bunker which reminds me of Goldeneye 007 for sure. Don’t forget to grab Brutus’ Minigun while you’re there.

The Rig

Next up we have The Rig which is found South West of Slurpy Swamps, and as the name implies, is an Oil Rig. Speaking of Goldeneye, this reminds me of the Frigate level, and another of my favourite games, Metal Gear Solid 2, is largely set on an oil rig. I can see this being a go-to spot for me, even more so with TNTina’s Boom Bow being here too.

The Shark

Head North towards the Lighthouse and you will find The Shark, which has a huge sharks head carved out of the rock. It’s a fun little island with its own underground base which you can reach by boat, or escape on one. It seems like a vacation home for The Agency, with its own pool and beaches. But you won’t be able to relax when you come to visit because it is swarming with henchmen and likely other players too. If you manage to survive your vacation then don’t forget to grab the Mythical AR on your way home.

The Yacht

Finally, we have The Yacht which is next to Steam Stacks. If you didn’t already guess, this is a giant boat. But this isn’t an opportunity to lay on the deck sipping cocktails, because henchmen are everywhere guarding Meowscles and his Mythical Heavy Assault Rifle. 

While these locations are generally really far out on the map, the good news is there is now 1 extra minute of time for the first zone, giving you that extra time to loot and rotate. And with the abundance of boats at your disposal in most of these areas, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Interactive Lobby

We’ve seen a few interactive areas of the lobby in the past, most recently Crackshot’s Cabin at Christmas. But this season the whole lobby is now interactive and has a lot of things to explore and a few secrets too.

First up, we have the challenge table which is a cool interactive map which allows you to see which areas of the map you can complete certain challenges at. It definitely helps when searching for certain areas and is a great addition to the game.

Next up on the left, we have The Agents section which, after completing all the challenges relating to each of the Battle Pass skins, allows you to choose between the Ghost and Shadow variant for each skin. Unfortunately, you can only choose one, so you will miss out on one variation of each skin, so make sure you make the right choice because there’s no going back.

Next, on the opposite side of the lobby, we have the Upgrade Vault. For the first time ever, we can customize a skin to look exactly how we want it. This time we have Maya, but its possible we will get a new one each season and perhaps Item Shop skins too. By completing challenges, we get to customize Maya’s outfit, hair, tattoos and more, and in total, there are over 3.8 million variations, meaning you might never encounter an identical version to yours. 

To the bottom right is a computer with the message coming soon but shows Ghost vs Shadow. I think we will have to choose sides later in the season, perhaps for the live event. What we will be doing I’m not sure but perhaps we will all play games of 50v50 and the team who wins the most dictates how the story will progress for next season, that could be fun.

Finally, if you go through the air vent, you come to Deadpool’s secret hideout. Yes, you heard that right, the Marvel character Deadpool is in Fortnite Season 2. As far as we’re aware, he will be the secret skin this season which is awesome, because this is the first time a collaboration skin is in the battle pass. His skin model has been found in the files, so we know he is in the game and its not just a troll. 

Battle Pass

Once you’ve explored the lobby, its time to check out the Battle Pass and they have done a fantastic job this season, I really feel Epic has gone all out. There are some excellent pickaxes, gliders, back bling and emotes but the skins are awesome too. First up we have Maya who, as mentioned before, will be fully customizable. Next up we have Agent Peely. I never thought a banana would look so good in a suit. The good news is, you don’t have to choose sides for Peely; you can unlock the Ghost and Shadow variant as well as another variant by reaching level 300.

Maya & Agent Peely


Later on, we unlock Brutus who seems like a villain ripped straight out of a Pixar movie. 


Then we have TNTina who is my favourite skin this season. It’s going to be so hard choosing Ghost or Shadow because they both look awesome.


Next is Meowscles who is a bodybuilding cat and also a really awesome fan creation.


Then we have Skye whose Shadow variant is my second favourite skin in the battle pass. 


And finally is Midas, the level 100 skin who has a cool ability of turning every item he touches to gold—the colour, not the variant. Even if you drop an item, it will remain gold for anyone else that encounters each. Each battle pass skin also has unique things too from emotes to gliders. 

So there we go. There is your ultimate guide to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. This season is set to be the most unique and has opened up so many new possibilities for future seasons.

I’m so excited to jump in and play more of this season. Every time I play, I feel like I discover something new.

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