Valve Pays Homage to CS 1.6 with Dust2 Change

In its most recent update, Valve has made a change to Dust2, one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike. The change is to the double doors connecting Mid and B Site. The doors have been flipped, allowing players to look through and see the site from a different angle. This is also how the doors were facing in CS 1.6. The doors orientation were changed in CSGO’s original rollout of the map.

New Tactics

While it is a seemingly small change, it actually makes a big difference! Now players (both Ts and CTs) will have new options for holding or attacking the site. This change will definitely encourage players to make more Mid to B pushes. The angles given for attackers from mid is much safer and provides a better picture of one half of the site.

It also lets CTs hold Mid more effectively as they can switch angles to check Mid Doors and look through Double Doors more frequently while also giving them a better chance of retaking the site. Gamers are already adapting to this new update. Redditor u/Hagen2209 created a new smoke angle from Upper Tunnels.

It will be interesting to see how professional players take this new angle into consideration. This, along with the addition of the Boost Player Contrast feature that was also added in the latest patch, should shake things up. But it’s not that the pros needed help with this aspect anyway. With Valve making the adjustment to Dust2, it is possible they will be tweaking angles for other maps in the next couple of patches. The one update I am still patiently waiting for is the return of Aztec into the competitive scene. I will be waiting for that change until the next version of Counter-Strike that comes out in five years.

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